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June 13, 2024 - 7:00pm

(doors open 6:15pm)

Mozart's flute quartets

Mozart's fondness for the flute goes far beyond the Magic Flute. In addition to flute concertos and sonatas, Mozart wrote these four beautiful quartets for flute, violin, viola and cello. Rita D'Arcangelo celebrates Mozart's lightness and sense for catchy melodies. The perfect program on a summer evening in the romantic courtyard of the Nicolaihaus.

Quartet in G major KV 285a & KV 285b (Cmajor)

Quartet in F major KV 370 
(original for oboe)

Quartet in A major KV 298

Quartet in D major KV 285


Due to the cool weather, the concert will take place in the hall

in fine weather
in the romantic courtyard of the Nicolaihaus

Rita D'Arcangelo (flute)

Nicola Borsche (vln.)
Tassilo Kaiser (vio.)
Matias de Oliveira Pinto (vcl.)

Rita D'Arcangelo

The artistic painter of tone colors!!!!!!

Concert and CD reviews: “... a great inspiration for all flautists and music lovers” - “Lively, but at the same time supple, her playing is a wonderful pleasure.”     - “Especially in the quiet pieces she made us dream.”     - “What a wonderful warm flute tone!”

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